What to do in Toronto?

Discover Toronto – one of Canada's most cosmopolitan cities has an almost dizzying selection of unique sights. Be it art, culture, sports or nature – Toronto awaits you! It's almost impossible to pinpoint one single highlight in the city by Lake Ontario. The Art Gallery of Ontario is a strong contender, housing more than 80,000 exhibits and paying homage to artists from all over the world.

Visit Toronto

Explore the great outdoors after your conference. Are you in town for a convention, trade fair or business meeting? Then you should most definitely plan a trip to the Niagara Falls region. The beauty of this landscape is unrivalled and sure to inspire your participants. A true natural paradise awaits you around 90 minutes outside Toronto.

Are you staying in the city and looking for a highlight in the truest sense of the word? Toronto's national landmark, the CN Tower, is a marvel of architecture. Standing more than 550 metres tall, it characterizes the city's skyline. Whisk your staff up to the platform 116 floors above the city. You can even circumnavigate the tower without holding on. Secured by a movable rope, you can easily circle the tower while you soak up the breathtaking vistas. Lasting impressions included!